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Updates and Progress
Monday 8th October 2012 at 11:33

Sofi's Avatar
First of all, let me apologise for the lack of news posts lately. Xerodox went down and a large portion of the database has been lost. Projects and news posts were preserved, however user accounts and forum posts are gone.

Secondly an update.


Liteirc 3 is in the progress of having a major rewrite to the renderer. Moving away from chromium and implementing a more native and lighter solution. The end result will be almost the same but with perks.

For example the chat bar now has WYSIWYG as standard. Formatting can also be copied from other things such as web pages.

Speed. The new renderer is a lot faster and works well in both windows and linux.

Less memory usage; less dlls. Since chromium is no longer in use the program is a lot smaller. It also uses less system memory.

This update is due to be uploaded soon and will be when the renderer is fully complete.


PPC is currently on hold. The graphics engine still needs porting to C++. The early tests and builds run a lot smoother than the delphi version however.

liteIRC for Android

This is currently in development and there is an early build which can connect to servers. More on this as it progresses.

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